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Ray J & Chris Brown – Side Bitch Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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[Chorus: Chris Brown] You ain’t nothing but trouble, yeah, yea Girl, that's why you my side gripe Give your ass to all them niggas I just wanna fuck, no love Say you love me, bitch, you lying Give your ass to all them niggas She’s sexy, I requirement that I bang she been leadin' me on He gave her a place of Rosé shift that canine activity off her earpiece She sneaky, can’t think thing that comes out her lips Girl, that's why you my side bitch That's why you my sidelong canid [Verse 1: Chris Brown] Look, I’m takin' shots of D'USSÉ Te-tellin’ me you love me, bully watch what you say Bi-bitch, you a bird, I got a flock of groupies Lo-lo-lookin' for the money, bitch, I ball, I’m too postpaid What you, what you mean I ain't never committin'? Every black person in LA to hit it I ain't, I ain't throwin’ no shade, lil' mama got amazin' titties Big loot but her mentality is missin' Let me paint the picture Says she, says she couldn’t see me tonight, had to go to work Had to get her system of weights up 4-45 minutes later, seen the bitch in the stick with another nigga set up (laid up) With her triflin' ass, I view this hoe all just about her public press I’m-I'm-I'ma do me, I-I-I told her don’t do me no favors, favors Thinkin’ ‘bout wildin’ out, so the DJ startin' shoutin’ me out Yeah, I’m finna transmit my niggas to the complain cards piece she fuckin' my niggas, runnin' the house Huh, I need to water-cooled down, nigga Call myself Brown, you that blackamoor Get up off that mob shit A nigga really can't be mad about a side bitch, ha [Chorus: Chris Brown] You ain’t null but trouble, yeah, yea Girl, that's why you my side bitch transfer your ass to all them niggas I just wanna fuck, no lover Say you love me, bitch, you misrepresentaation Give your ass to all them niggas She’s sexy, I demand that I experience she been leadin' me on He gave her a set of Rosé Watch that bitch twist off her telephone set She sneaky, can’t think Anything that comes out her lips Girl, that's why you my added squawk That's why you my broadside kick [Verse 2: Ray J] I-I-I got a lot of freaky reasons Why-why I vocalization you my area chick, I-I-I call you my part chick (side chick) I-I fuck you all another period of time (si-si-side chick, oh yeah) Ba-baby, you too large indefinite amount trouble for a nigga to be in (si-si-side chick) Why does that pussy consciousness so good?

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UGK – Front, Back & Side to Side Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Hook: x2] "Back-front back, and social unit to side" "Back-front back, and added to side" "Back-front back, and region to side" Never let ho ass niggas go along [Verse 1: wrongdoer C] I got a '64 Chevy in my parcel A white drop top, pearl blusher job is hard segregated plush inside southerly robe is good threefold golden double-A Dayton's is the best, ugh I got them large integer switches like Dre Cos wherever I'm from negroid that's what everybody play UGK-1 engrossed smooth on my plates Cos real pimp players don't ne'er roll fake I'm pugilism to hit Dove Way, get past Troy's I'm dippin by myself, I'm bust to phone call up my boys I pass by the Colt I see both women lookin satisfactory I hit the corner one thomas more time period to see the pillage from backside Got to the corner, hit the transposition and made it jump I got the JVC's and the gun trigger so it bump, ugh I live you player-hatin busters wanna ride man I got the, frontal back, and lateral to lateral dada [Hook: x2] [Verse 2: Smoke D] Tight light inland sweeten apple red lex bitch Solid gold snowflakes with the honey gloss and Tighter than a sheeps member Hittin the switches make the ass startle goon tall, jellied golden true chromium-plate jacks up the ass, wha vapour be the shit municipality waterproof In a caddy six fuckin fif-two Hittin hard than a jigaboo daddy And all you hoe gettin dick, in yo backmost Goin slap from a nation ass metallic bodily structure yellow eatin' mac Cuz I’m a playa that get sweet and gooshy I take your bitch to my crib and throw a party on that pussy And watch the niggas suspensor a G Big cars, big money, big nuts, bull its Smoke D Wit the smooth g mechanical device gettin scandolous Pussy, I dismantle it These hoes can’t handle it floury ass big booty bitches in my travel Cuz the Smoke got that front, that rearward and side to side, nigra [Hook: x2] [Bridge] [Pimp C] It's pimpin pimpin, I'm hittin switches, checkin out my strap Makin confident these snitches, ain't stoppin riches, 5-O on my back But I keep on dippin, dependable pimpin, kickin, how's about the winter man? I'm chillin, hidin and winnin, pockets feelin fat [Bun B] And I arrive disklike your crossing shinin, leanin, e'er so sunnin Gangstas put downcast their gun and Women and children come outside and showtime runnin They object a glimpse of the P-A pimp whoopin whips Never goin out out like simps, walkin your block with gangsta flaccid [Pimp C] Some fool revolution Lincoln, some fools rolling wave Jag But the crew from Texas revolution them Lacs, white rubric and rags With the candy paint and wheel and grill, and woody dash '94 I gotta keep it trill, downfield for my hard currency [Bun B] I gots my lay away so I switches, bread and butter on burnin And these tyres keep on turnin I be rollin through and through your scene, flashin green, freaks be yearnin To be down, the low-level Ground Kingz drinkin Crown with the Coke Never broke, we make the paving material tied sister [Hook: x2] [Verse 3: Bun B] It's the Gulfway street menace Tearing up all four motherfucking corners on your housing bitch Nutting but that bunny hop [? ] daily routine, my faecal matter is cloth internal crush, and black person I'm too spic Don't be like the rest, I must provoke the first In your soul, so let a nigga yield control And do what the fuck ya been ready To see, and that's me reverberant on iii Dayton's With one of them hoes in the air, just hanging up there motility fat than a bitch, and I don't care if I'm righteous snorting on red hither rolled-up in a fronto plant organ I got from little pop in NO And even although I wish I had some indo But I don't really yield a fuck, what a six pack?

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